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HUANGSHAN BENWOO was founded in 1998, specializing in automotive aluminium radiators, condensers, intercoolers & heaters. A total more than one thousand kinds of models, include Japan, Korea, Europe, the United States, and Chinese-made cars. With good quality, excellent inexpensive price, variety complete, we are mainly export-oriented and strongly developing the international market.

Our company always adhere to the "excellence of product and service to customers First" production management concept and the guidelines. We provide new and old customers the general high quality and first-class service with excellent quality, scientific management, advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, reasonable prices . 

Corporate culture



Sincere and Virtuous

Providing high-quality services to customers and creating long-term value is the foundation of the survival and development of "Benyu", and also the driving force behind Benyu's development. We adhere to the customer-centric business philosophy, and only by achieving customer success can we achieve our goals Self.
"Sincerity and honesty" and "honesty and reliability" are the biggest intuitive feelings that Benyu Service provides to customers. "Be resolute in your words and keep your promises" has won the trust and respect of customers and employees, and has become the most important intangible asset of Benyu.
Teamwork, maximizing the organizational efficiency of teamwork, providing customers with comprehensive and high-quality services, and enabling employees to realize their maximum self-worth amidst excellent team performance.

work hard and perseveringly

Act with great ambition

Self reflection and progress

In the era of rapid technological iteration, competition intensifies. Only through hard work and struggle can we keep up with the times. To win the respect and trust of customers. We adhere to putting the strivers first and ensuring that they receive reasonable rewards.
Only by having the courage to criticize ourselves can we constantly improve and surpass ourselves. Adhere to the company culture of criticism and self-criticism, listen to different voices with an open mind, respect the opinions of others, and be good at cooperating with others, in order to achieve the common development of customers, companies, teams and individuals.
To achieve the long-term foundation of the enterprise, we not only need to be proactive, brave to open up, but also need us to think carefully, down-to-earth, and continue to innovate around customer needs.