Our team philosophy

Dare to dream
Cohesive advance
Advance major

Youth is proud of courage

Man grows great by his dreams

We believe that this is the best platform for pursuing dreams

Cohesion produces strength

Unity gives birth to hope

Is a prerequisite for all good things

It's the secret that keeps you going

We win reputation with professional and solid style

We grow with an attitude of continuous improvement

We are looking for

Sales Specialist
1. Develop and maintain the customers of the repair shop in the responsible area;
2, implement the company's retail store policy, in accordance with the company's business standards, to achieve management objectives and sales targets;
3. Provide pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services to customers, including cooperative customer accounts, handle customer complaints and claims, and maintain the company's credibility;
4. Plan the target value of existing customers and potential customers, and achieve the target;
5, collect market, industry, competitive company information, timely feedback customer comments and suggestions

Job responsibilities:
1: College degree or above, major in automotive or marketing is preferred.
2: The company enjoys the group construction fee, pays five insurance on entry, commercial insurance, enjoys high basic salary without responsibility and high gross profit commission points.
3: There are regular team building activities, and every year there are domestic and foreign double fly!
4: Working hours: on six off one, national holidays or normal holidays!
Assistant clerk
Job Description:
1, responsible for customer pre-sale information registration;
2, handle the basic usage of customer products;
3, summarize customer needs, timely feedback for adjustment;
4. Visit user experience from time to time.
Welfare benefits:
1, all kinds of holiday benefits are available;
2, weekly staff dinner, birthday celebration for staff, quarterly travel;
3. Most of the leaders and teams are after 95 and 00, and the team atmosphere is active;
4, legal holidays will be closed.
Job Requirements:
1, with strong language communication and organization skills, responsibility and positive work attitude, lively and outgoing personality the best;
2, have relevant customer service experience or clerk intention is preferred, no experience of outstanding graduates can also.